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        On June 28th, 2022, from 4 PM to 6 PM Pakistan time, Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) is invited to participate in the technical exchange meeting of "Fangzhou Technology (China) safe city construction practice and experience sharing" given by Guiyang Fangzhou Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting attendees include project managers, project participants and technical leaders of PSCA, and Mr. Noah Luo, the chairman of Fangzhou Technology and the technical staff.

        At the meeting, PSCA warmly welcomes Fangzhou Technology's technical exchange activities, and expresses sincere gratitude to all departments that gave full support to this international conference. With the theme of "Fangzhou Technology (China) safe city construction practice and experience sharing", the conference conducts academic exchanges and discussions on the construction and development of new technologies and equipment in international safe cities, which will further promote the international exchanges and cooperation between Fangzhou Technology and PSCA.


        Mr. Luo, Chairman of Fangzhou Technology, introduced the company at the meeting: Guiyang Fangzhou Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Guizhou, China in 1998, a high-tech big data enterprise dedicated to the construction of smart cities, a new smart (safe) city solution provider, and one of China's top 100 security enterprises. Through seven modules, including Public Security Video Surveillance System, Intelligent Transportation System, Network Transmission System, 4G LTE PTT Cellular Network Telecommunications, Public Security Anti-Terrorism Early Warning System, Police Drone, and Operation and Maintenance Management Platform, the exchange will share the experience and make practical suggestions on Fangzhou Technology's own top technology and equipment.

3        1.Public security video surveillance system

        The urban security system structure is composed of acquisition layer, network layer, support layer, application layer and display layer. Super starlight cameras, face recognition function, automatic tracking, panoramic linkage, capture of driving against traffic regulations, micro-bayonet, WiFi sniffing and other types of cameras are introduced, as well as external devices such as drones, electronic fences and barrier gates. At the same time, the system functions begin to develop intellectually, and begin to acquire data through face recognition, vehicle recognition, video structuring and other systems to form an image information database, and then integrated other data to form a big data platform, providing public security practical application systems and video detection systems through different algorithm tools.


        2.ntelligent transportation system

        The interface of the integrated traffic control system includes: road condition, illegal situation, alarm situation, equipment situation, deployment alarm, vehicle control, illegal affair management, public security monitoring, guidance and release, command and combat, vehicle technical tactics and other tools.

5        3.Network transmission system

        Compared with the original switch mode, PON access can provide functions such as bandwidth isolation, data encryption, port isolation, etc. For video surveillance, the video stream can't lose frames without packet loss or jamming, and the front end of PON is passive equipment, which is more stable and energy-saving.

6        4.4G cellular telecommunication

        Hytera P-LTE solution architecture is divided into software, network and terminal. It can be used in security communication, emergency response and other scenarios in daily operations.

7        5.Public anti-terrorism early warning system

        This is the latest high-tech innovative technology product based on AI intelligence. Through image vibration image analysis technology, the system can analyze and monitor the psychological and emotional state of people in public places in real time. The system can quickly screen out suspicious elements with violent terrorist tendencies in the crowd within 1-3 seconds at the fastest, and automatically give an alarm. Before suspicious elements commit violence, give early warning, so as to really prevent it before it happens and ensure people's public safety.

8        6.Police drone

        In addition to the common functions, Fangzhou UAV has also developed some special functional plates, such as double lens, gas detection lens, laser fill lens, five-eye lens, police multi-tube launcher, police capture net gun, fire extinguisher launcher, etc.

7        7.Operation and maintenance management platform

10        At present, the scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are changing with each passing day, and the digital economy with data as a new factor of production is booming. China’s "East Data and West Calculation" project has been launched in an all-round way, and Guizhou, as an important hub node, is playing an increasingly important role in the national big data industry.


Photo of the venue in Pakistan

        As Shabaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan) said, Pakistan still has relatively cheap labor, skilled labor, semi-skilled labor, Chinese technology and Chinese machinery, as well as joint ventures between Pakistani labor and Pakistani investment, which will be a win-win situation.


Photo of the venue in China

        As one of the top 100 security enterprises in China, Fangzhou Technology's mission is to bring China's best security products and the best safe city solutions to Pakistan, and contribute to a safe Pakistan.

        After the presentation of Fangzhou Technology, PSCA’s responsible persons of LTE, network transmission, UAV and operation and maintenance management parts raise questions about the presentation contents, and receive satisfactory answers from the responsible person of Fangzhou Technology.

        The international technical exchange meeting is successfully concluded, and both sides are eager to further deepen cooperation, work together to build the Digital Silk Road, seek common development and achieve a win-win situation.

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        In January, 2022, the State Council issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy, which proposed to accelerate the development of trade digitalization, promote the in-depth development of the digital silk road, and build a good environment for international cooperation; Comprehensively carry out overseas digital infrastructure cooperation; Accelerate R & D and formulate relevant standards and governance rules for the digital economy in line with China's national conditions; Support China's digital economy enterprises to "go global". In the same month, the State Council issued the opinions on supporting Guizhou to blaze a new path in the western development in the new era, which specifically mentioned "supporting Guizhou to seize new opportunities in implementing the digital economy strategy", "building a digital economy development and Innovation Zone" and "creating a new height of inland open economy", "Support the development of digital trade, explore the construction of a digital silk road international data port, and focus on providing data services to countries that jointly build the 'the Belt and Road'". It is an important task and a glorious mission. Let the "China plan", "Guizhou experience" and "Guiyang model" help the "digital silk road", and the historical responsibility falls on the shoulders of FangZhouTtechnologies.

        The mission of FangZhou Technologies in Pakistan is to bring China's best security products and best solutions to Pakistan and contribute to peace in Pakistan. There can be no economic prosperity without social security. In January, 2022,FangZhou technology won the bid again for the project of "engineering procurement construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O & M) of South kanashahib Punjab police integrated command control and communication (ppic3) center". The following is part of the construction of the project:


        This is a highly available balanced transmission structure for disaster recovery of Ping'an city monitoring system. It is the video monitoring system of the infrastructure construction mode of Ping'an city in the early stage, namely, the front-end camera + storage and playback platform + large screen. According to the needs of criminal investigation, business application functions such as manual tagging, video technology and tactics tools, and video capture tools have been launched. The front-end acquisition equipment has been gradually upgraded. Black light cameras, face recognition functions, automatic tracking, panoramic linkage, illegal capture, micro bayonet, WiFi sniffing and other types of cameras have been launched, as well as UAVs, electronic fences, barrier gates and other external devices. At the same time, the system function also began to develop towards intelligence. It began to acquire data through face recognition, vehicle recognition, video structuring and other systems to form an image information base, and then integrated other data to form a big data platform to provide police actual combat application system and video investigation system through different algorithm tools.

1111111111        FangZhou Technologies will be committed to building a safe city Benchmarking Project in South kana, Pakistan, highlighting the characteristics of international cooperation, pursuing industry professionalism, meeting scientific research innovation and improving customer satisfaction.

        China Pakistan friendship has been renewed through the joint efforts of generations and decades. China and Pakistan are hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and back to back. China Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than sea and sweeter than honey. We know each other well that both China and Pakistan will benefit from social stability and economic prosperity. A philosopher once said, "we should help others, because we understand that we cannot share prosperity in a world of economic stagnation.
       FangZhou Technologies will also continue to provide the best security products and the best smart city technology solutions for China and countries along the "the Belt and Road".
       FangZhou Technologies- make the city smarter and safer!

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        On the afternoon of June 8, 2022, Zhang Xuerong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Guiyang Big Data Development Administration, and her delegation came to Guiyang Fangzhou Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the "big data enterprise service year" activity and work safety inspection, and inspected and guided Fangzhou Technology.



        Luo Gangju, chairman of FangZhou Technology, made a detailed introduction to the company's development history, "FangZhou Technology Digital Police" products and technical solutions, "FangZhou Technology Silk Road", and reported on the current work and achievements in Nankana and Lahore, Pakistan, which were fully affirmed by all leaders.



        Zhang, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the municipal Big Data Bureau, said that the Benchmarking Project of Nankana safe city in Pakistan undertaken by Fangzhou Technology is of great significance and highlights the characteristics of international cooperation. She hoped that Fangzhou Technology would sum up more successful experiences and, as always, make every effort to promote the "Guizhou experience" of China's digital economy to countries along the Belt and Road, so as to contribute to the construction of digital economy and digital silk road in Guizhou Province.



        Zhang, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the municipal big data Bureau, stressed that we should deeply learn lessons from major safety accidents, firmly establish the concept of safety development, adhere to the supremacy of the people's interests, always put safety production in the first place, tighten our ideological strings, and build a solid safety defense line. In order to strengthen our ability, we should enhance our awareness of safety precautions and our ability to deal with emergencies, and strengthen our skills in accident self-rescue, as well as our ability to coordinate operations.



        All departments of Fangzhou Technology should further improve our understanding, establish the awareness that safety is no trivial matter and safety is related to people's lives and property, carefully deploy work safety in accordance with the arrangements of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the municipal government, thoroughly investigate various potential risks, effectively control major risks in key periods, and put work safety in an important position to the end. While paying close attention to security work, it will continue to provide the best security products and the best smart city technology solutions for China and countries along the "Belt and Road".

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