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        In January, 2022, the State Council issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy, which proposed to accelerate the development of trade digitalization, promote the in-depth development of the digital silk road, and build a good environment for international cooperation; Comprehensively carry out overseas digital infrastructure cooperation; Accelerate R & D and formulate relevant standards and governance rules for the digital economy in line with China's national conditions; Support China's digital economy enterprises to "go global". In the same month, the State Council issued the opinions on supporting Guizhou to blaze a new path in the western development in the new era, which specifically mentioned "supporting Guizhou to seize new opportunities in implementing the digital economy strategy", "building a digital economy development and Innovation Zone" and "creating a new height of inland open economy", "Support the development of digital trade, explore the construction of a digital silk road international data port, and focus on providing data services to countries that jointly build the 'the Belt and Road'". It is an important task and a glorious mission. Let the "China plan", "Guizhou experience" and "Guiyang model" help the "digital silk road", and the historical responsibility falls on the shoulders of FangZhouTtechnologies.

        The mission of FangZhou Technologies in Pakistan is to bring China's best security products and best solutions to Pakistan and contribute to peace in Pakistan. There can be no economic prosperity without social security. In January, 2022,FangZhou technology won the bid again for the project of "engineering procurement construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O & M) of South kanashahib Punjab police integrated command control and communication (ppic3) center". The following is part of the construction of the project:


        This is a highly available balanced transmission structure for disaster recovery of Ping'an city monitoring system. It is the video monitoring system of the infrastructure construction mode of Ping'an city in the early stage, namely, the front-end camera + storage and playback platform + large screen. According to the needs of criminal investigation, business application functions such as manual tagging, video technology and tactics tools, and video capture tools have been launched. The front-end acquisition equipment has been gradually upgraded. Black light cameras, face recognition functions, automatic tracking, panoramic linkage, illegal capture, micro bayonet, WiFi sniffing and other types of cameras have been launched, as well as UAVs, electronic fences, barrier gates and other external devices. At the same time, the system function also began to develop towards intelligence. It began to acquire data through face recognition, vehicle recognition, video structuring and other systems to form an image information base, and then integrated other data to form a big data platform to provide police actual combat application system and video investigation system through different algorithm tools.

1111111111        FangZhou Technologies will be committed to building a safe city Benchmarking Project in South kana, Pakistan, highlighting the characteristics of international cooperation, pursuing industry professionalism, meeting scientific research innovation and improving customer satisfaction.

        China Pakistan friendship has been renewed through the joint efforts of generations and decades. China and Pakistan are hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and back to back. China Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than sea and sweeter than honey. We know each other well that both China and Pakistan will benefit from social stability and economic prosperity. A philosopher once said, "we should help others, because we understand that we cannot share prosperity in a world of economic stagnation.
       FangZhou Technologies will also continue to provide the best security products and the best smart city technology solutions for China and countries along the "the Belt and Road".
       FangZhou Technologies- make the city smarter and safer!

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